Tax Planning

Taxes are an easily overlooked item when it comes to estate planning.  However easily forgotten, estate tax, inheritance tax and gift taxes could potentially take an enormous amount from your estate, up to 40%. An experienced estate attorney can help you navigate ways to preserve as much of your estate as possible for your beneficiaries. 

Estate tax planning is complicated and lack of diligence on your part could mean gifting the government your assets instead of your loved ones. New estate limitations go into effect in 2026 that will drastically lower the total exemption amount.  Cara Law can help you minimize your tax burden so that your beneficiaries are left with what you intended. 

Estate planning might feel uncomfortable for you. Most of us do not like thinking about our death, let alone planning for it. But, without proper planning well in advance, those you leave behind might be left with very little. 

Cara Law is a seasoned estate planning attorney and will take care of every part of planning, including drawing up your Will and Last Testament, getting your Powers of Attorney in order, help you plan for any long term care you may require and creating your estate tax strategy. Cara Law has your best interests in mind when planning your estate and will make sure your affairs are in order to lessen the burden on your family when you are gone.

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