Powers of Attorney

A well-drafted and properly executed Power of Attorney is a critical component of your estate planning, offering crucial support to both you and your family during challenging and stressful times.


It's important to note that Power of Attorney laws can change over time and may vary from state to state. Therefore, engaging in discussions about these matters with an experienced estate planning attorney is essential to ensure that your wishes are properly addressed.

Many people feel like giving another person, even someone they trust, Power of Attorney, means they are losing control or will be taken advantage of.  However, the opposite is actually true. A power of attorney is meant to protect you and keep you from being taken advantage of.  It also ensures that the person whom you trust to make decisions on your behalf, in the event that you are unable to do so, is someone you have designated in advance. 

At Cara Law, we emphasize the significance of tailoring Powers of Attorney to meet your specific needs and desires. That's why we meticulously include hand-drafted provisions in every Power of Attorney document we create. This personalized approach ensures that your designated agent can make decisions that align with your preferences and intentions.

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