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Estate Planning
Cara Law prides itself on creating personalized and unique estate plans addressing the individual needs of each client.
An expert in Guardianship Proceedings for over 15 years, Jackie Cara assists families who are faced with the need to provide protection for a loved one facing medical, mental, or physical limitations. 
Probate, Estate and
Trust Administration
Facing the passing of a loved one is difficult under the best of circumstances.  Cara Law is here to help your family handle estate proceedings and trust administrations, simply, easily and without worry.
Consulting and
Of Counsel Services
Jackie Cara is a frequent consultant with other firms and attorneys in need of specialized estate planning, probate or guardianship law. 
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Video: What is probate? Explained by Industry Expert and Attorney, Jackie Cara
Video: What is probate? Explained by Industry Expert and Attorney, Jackie Cara

Are you named as an executor of a will, or the heir of an estate? Then, you need to see this video. It explains everything!

Start The School Year Prepared
Start The School Year Prepared

Preparing your kids for college is a stressful time for parents. Don't send your kids off to college without doing this first!

Home Equity Conversion Mortgages
Home Equity Conversion Mortgages

Robert Tollin, experienced mortgage consultant, discusses how you can utilize reverse mortgage financing to purchase a new home in this guest post. Find out if this is right for you.

I frequently consult with Jackie because she has comprehensive experience as an elder law attorney, particularly in the area of guardianship law. She willingly shares her vast knowledge with clarity and patience.

- Annabel Bazante

Jacqueline is a highly knowledgeable elder care lawyer, a field that is both cross-disciplinary and specialized at the same time. She was able to navigate Land Lord Tenant parts in Queens County, the guardianship part of Queens Supreme Court, conduct a closing on a cooperative apartment, and digest a complex regulatory environment. Most lawyers would be lucky to handle just one of those areas as competently as Jacqueline handled all four.

- Dan McLane

I've worked with Jackie in our efforts to serve very vulnerable people in need of protection and advocacy. Jackie's heart is exactly where it needs to be and she's certainly someone you want on your side helping your family members when they need it most.

- Mark Zilberman