Medicaid Planning

At Cara Law we are seasoned in planning and applying for Medicaid benefits, including home care, visiting nurse, long term care and much more.


Medicaid benefits are available to provide for both community and long term care needs.  Each program involves a complicated application process which requires applicants to account for their available assets and monthly income.  Each program involves a “look back” period where transfers of assets are scrutinised and estate planning documents are reviewed. 

With careful planning it is possible to create an estate plan that helps you qualify for these benefits without first using all of your assets to pay for your care.  

Taking all of the Medicaid rules and look back periods into consideration requires the expertise of attorneys that have extensive experience in these areas.  

There are planning tools available to families interested in protecting and preserving assets to pass to their beneficiaries and to make the assets they do have last longer by having some or all of your cost of care paid for.  

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